If you wish to stay your gums in excellent well being, it is very important to consult with the dentist for normal cleanings carried out via a expert. Prior to now, other folks would blank their enamel through the use of moveable apparatus or ultrasonic tools to take away plaque and tartar from above and under the gum line, respectively. Nowadays, then again, most of the people use electrical toothbrushes to wash their enamel.

The inconvenience and time beyond regulation spent in this procedure are important trade-offs for the advantages that this method will supply in the end. With the modern airflow enamel cleansing means, you might reduce down at the period of time you spend within the dentist’s chair and revel in fitter gums right through the 12 months.

AIRFLOW Treatment eliminates Biofilm best possible

AIRFLOW is a biofilm-eliminating air-polishing procedure that makes use of air, water, and debris. The airflow enamel cleansing is a nice and painless oral cleaning process that makes use of air, sodium bicarbonate or glycine powder, and a reasonable water jet to wash your enamel.

Your dentist or periodontist will use a small moveable software to use a regulated force on your enamel and gums. The combination gets rid of stains, plaque, tartar, and bacterial or meals deposits from enamel. It may be sprayed under the gum line to kill disease-causing germs with out hurting gingival tissue.

Conventional dental cleansing takes 30-60 seconds in line with enamel. With AIRFLOW, it’s 5 seconds. It accelerates periodontal operations. For instance, the use of AIRFLOW prior to a scaling remedy saves 8–12 mins on moderate. You’ll spend much less time on the dentist.

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Older air sharpening tactics have been grimy, unsightly, and uncomfortable. Sufferers say AIRFLOW remedy is considerably extra gratifying. Cushy, heat water gently moves gums and enamel for max effectiveness and the least inflammation.

AIRFLOW granules erase stains and biofilm and restrict bacterial construction. AIRFLOW remedy in airflow enamel cleansing makes use of erythritol powder, which is much less abrasive than sodium bicarbonate. Erythritol additionally inhibits bacterial replica, combating gum sicknesses together with gingivitis and periodontitis.

Which is best: AirFlow stain removing or dental cleansing?

AirFlow stain removing makes use of air and a water jet to take away plaque and particles from gums as much as 5mm. Sodium bicarbonate or glycine powder polishes all enamel surfaces. Common dental cleanings can’t succeed in this intensity and are slightly harsh. Airflow enamel cleansing are delicate but efficient for cleansing dental implants, veneers, crowns, and bridges.

AirFlow Dental hygiene remedy employs compressed air and water as a substitute of steel scraping on enamel. So AirFlow dental cleansing is extra relaxed for you. AirFlow teeth-cleaning powder is available in mint flavour, making it extra relaxed. The painless method additionally comforts sufferers.

Delicate enamel get pleasure from airflow dental hygiene. Common dental cleanliness reasons vibrations and warmth, expanding sensitivity. AirFlow oral hygiene gets rid of this drawback via now not generating vibrations or warmth.


Airflow enamel cleansing eliminates tartar and dust thrice quicker than conventional dental enamel cleansing tactics. Tooth are wiped clean much less abrasively. AirFlow oral hygiene is protected prior to orthodontic appointments. It doesn’t intervene with bonding and successfully eliminates stains and plaque. AirFlow stain removing is best than same old strategies at our dental facility.

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