RV lithium batteries are the brand new child at the block referring to energy garage. Those light-weight and compact batteries had been becoming more popular with RV house owners and boaters alike, however are they actually higher than lead-acid batteries? Earlier than you got down to purchase the most efficient RV lithium batteries, let’s take a look at probably the most benefits and downsides of each battery varieties.

The Variations Between Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries

There are two number one kinds of deep-cycle batteries, lead acid and lithium-ion. Lead acid batteries are the commonest form of battery you’ll in finding for your RV. They have been invented in 1859 via Italian physicist Alessandro Volta and are nonetheless utilized in many packages, together with electrical vehicles, commercial equipment, energy vegetation, and sun installations.

Lithium-ion batteries are more moderen at the scene—they have been first commercialized in 1991. Not like their lead-acid opposite numbers, lithium-ion batteries will also be recharged over 100 instances sooner than desiring to get replaced; they even have a longer lifespan than lead-acid ones. Every other get advantages is that those batteries weigh about part as related lead-acid devices.

Capability and Price Cycles

Whilst lead acid batteries have a better power density than lithium, the latter’s capability will last more as a result of its low discharge charge. Along with that, they may be able to be recharged extra instances than lead acid. In reality, lithium batteries have an extended lifespan and better cycle existence than their opposite numbers. Those components cause them to best for powering electrical cars (EVs).

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Lead acid batteries want to get replaced extra steadily because of their shorter cycle existence and decrease rate capability. In addition they have a tendency to lose their rate sooner when left unused for lengthy sessions—an obstacle for RVs, which would possibly spend weeks parked in garage with out getting used throughout wintry weather or summer season holidays.

Dimension and Weight

Lithium batteries are extra compact and light-weight than lead-acid batteries. This can be a important benefit if you want to suit your battery in tight areas, reminiscent of an RV or boat. Lead acid batteries shall be a lot heavier than lithium as a result of they’ve a better power density. You must stick to a lead-acid battery if you want to transport your battery steadily or use it throughout heavy-duty packages.

Lead acid batteries will also be utilized in electrical cars, which makes them fashionable amongst those that power electrical vehicles and vans.

Lifespan Charging Potency

Some of the notable advantages of lithium-ion batteries over their lead-acid opposite numbers is their longer lifespan. The existence span of a lithium battery will also be as much as thrice so long as that of a lead acid battery, because of this you received’t want to exchange it as steadily.

It’s because lithium-ion batteries don’t be afflicted by sulfation—a procedure the place lead sulfate crystals building up at the plates inside of your battery, inflicting harm and considerably lowering its capability. Against this, a lead acid battery’s lifespan is proscribed via how steadily you discharge it and what sort of you recharge it; for those who persistently drain your RV’s battery under 50 % sooner than totally charging once more, this may increasingly considerably cut back its lifespan.

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Lithium batteries are considerably dearer than lead-acid batteries. Alternatively, a number of components make up for this price differential, together with potency and weight/measurement variations between kinds of batteries.

Lead acid Batteries weigh extra and absorb extra space for your trailer or RV as a result of their higher measurement – plus, they require upkeep. Moreover, lead acid batteries free up hydrogen gasoline when charged, which will purpose fires if it builds up within the battery case. Alternatively, this downside will also be solved via the use of air flow caps on most sensible of every cellular to make certain that no gases break out from inside of when charging in a single day.


Purchasing an RV lithium battery or a lead acid battery most commonly depends upon your car kind and riding taste. Lithium batteries are price bearing in mind in case your car has a prime energy requirement. They’re additionally lighter and extra compact than lead-acid batteries. However, for those who don’t steadily power or most effective want to use electrical energy every so often, lead acid batteries may well be higher suited in your wishes as a result of they’ve decrease upkeep necessities than lithium ones.